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About Us

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Ask our Team

Just a few questions our new residents have asked on enquiry;

Do I really Need Care?

If you, a friend or relative feel that you/they are in need of care, you can ask Social Services to carry out an assessment of your/their needs. Once informed that somebody may need care, the authority, often jointly with the Health Authority or GP, has a duty to carry out an assessment should reveal if care at home or in a residential setting is needed.

How will I know if living at Ashmere is right for me?

All our homes have different facilities and atmospheres, so we'd encourage you to visit before you make up your mind.
Our staff are happy to cater for you to trial the home if you wish by coming in for respite care, we can also offer for you to have lunch with our residents so you can find out more about what life is like at Ashmere.

Working with Ashmere

"The Great British Care Awards judges said when making the award: "There is a palpable sense that the employees at Ashmere are an extended family.
Staff are empowered to help deliver good outcomes for residents and to make someone's day."

Domestic Assistant – Codnor Park

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Kitchen Assistant – The Firs

Location: About Us

Kitchen Assistant – West Hallam

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Care Assistant – King William

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