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Tina White

What made you work for Ashmere? When my child was young they accommodated 6 hours for child care

What has your best moment been while working at Ashmere? Employing Milly

What would you say is the biggest challenge about your role? Making sure all staff and Relatives are happy with the financial service given (Staff Wages and Residents Relatives Invoices and assurances of care provided)

What’s the most unusual fact about yourself that not a lot of people know? NO SECRETS

What would we be likely to bump into you doing at the weekend? Socialising with my friend in the local pub

What inspires you? My Parents

My party trick is: No Longer have one

My dream car registration plate would be: don’t know

My favourite cocktail is: Porn Star

If I was in a band, we would be called: Don’t Know

On my way to work I: sing along to the music

If I won the lottery, I would: Travel the world

My guilty pleasure is: Chocolate

My home from home is: Crete and Africa

The best piece of advice I’ve ever had is: Be Happy and have no regrets advice from my Dad I am never without A SMILE