Menopause Awareness

Ashmere Derbyshire Limited have teamed up with Menopause Organisation ‘Henpicked’ to work towards becoming a Menopause Friendly Organisation. With Menopause Advocates trained and now in place, we are starting our journey to make a change. 

With 91% of our workforce being female we wanted to be able to support our employees through their own menopause journey. We have shared with our employees details of the project and the initial feedback has been incredibly positive.

Our Menopause Advocates have produced a schedule of actions including menopause coffee mornings for both our employees and the local community, free sanitary products in staff bathrooms, one on one support meetings, training and support packs for all Home Managers and a review of the company uniform. 

Whilst we are in the early stages of the project, we are really excited to have found a new way to support our employees further. We looking forward to sharing more details with you over the coming weeks.