Our personal approach ensures you get the opportunity to speak with our care team directly and addresses all the questions you may have.

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Advice & Support

Ashmere is committed to providing families with support and information they need at what is usually such a turbulent time in their lives. Ashmere helps to guide, support and offer care solutions which will be truly suitable for each individual’s circumstances.

You have the questions, we have the answers. Please call or email us.

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Below you will find some of the most common questions we get asked

  • Is it safe to go into an Ashmere care home due to Covid?

    We are still welcoming new residents to all our homes to offer the care and support they need. Since the start of the pandemic, we introduced strict infection control and safety measures for staff since the start of the pandemic and continue to practice these protocols today. Our main priority is to keep everyone safe and cause the least disruption possible to our residents. Our current staff and residents have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination and work closely with local authorities and Government to practice the most up-to-date infection control measures.
  • What is the visiting policy?

    We are happy to welcome back visitors to our homes! Visitors are asked to take a rapid covid test before entry into the home. For the most up-to-date information, take a look at our visiting guide: https://www.ashmere.co.uk/visiting-policy/
  • Will I be tested for Covid?

    We have a regular testing schedule in place for both staff and residents. Our residents are tested every 28 days for and our staff are tested at least twice a week. This regular testing means that if one of our staff members or residents test positive, we can act quickly to help stop the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe.
  • Do I need care?

    If you, a friend or relative feel that you may be in need of care, you can contact us for advice and support and we can help you find a home for your loved one. Or, you can ask Social Services to carry out what is called an assessment of your needs. Once informed that somebody may need care, the authority, often jointly with the Health Authority or GP, has a duty to carry out an assessment. This may reveal that you need care at home or in a residential setting.
  • Who is able to live at Ashmere Homes?

    Any person who no longer wants or feels able to continue living on their own. We also specialise in care for young physically disabled, dementia and nursing care.
  • Can couples apply?

    Yes, of course. We see quite a few couples living in an Ashmere home. Please contact the home that you are interested in and have a chat to see what’s available to meet your needs.
  • What is respite care?

    Respite care is basically short-term care. All of our homes offer this care where you can book a room for a matter of days, weeks or on a rolling basis to suit you. This kind of care is useful for holidays or if you simply need a break. Respite care could also be used to try a home before deciding whether it would suit you for long-term care.
  • Do I have to pay for my care?

    If you have capital of below £23,250, you may be entitled to some assistance from the State towards your care costs. First your Social Services department will carry out an assessment of your care needs. If you are assessed as needing nursing or residential care, you will be given a financial assessment to see if you need to pay for your own care, or whether the local council is able to help towards the cost. If you have a capital over £23,250, the costs for care are solely your responsibility to pay, if / when the capital falls below this amount Social Services will then take over.
  • What is included in the cost?

    We know that meeting the cost of care can be difficult so that's why we like to keep it simple. Everything our resident need to be well looked after, including 24-hour care, a private bedroom, hairdressing, laundry & cleaning services, bed linen, towels & toiletries, as well all utility bills and council tax is all included in the weekly cost. In addition, trips out, entertainment and activities are covered and paid for through fundraising by our incredible staff. We also help to arrange services including chiropody, dental treatment, opticians, physiotherapy and GP visits.
  • Is there anyone who can give me independent advice on Care-Fees and Funding?

    If you would like help with arranging funding then Age UK, Independent Age and Money Advice Service
  • What happens if I decide to move into one of your homes?

    When you have decided you would like to go ahead with a care home placement at Ashmere, the manager will arrange a pre-admission assessment. This will help us get to know you and your needs and to find out all your likes, dislikes, hobbies and favourite things to do. Once yourself and the manager is happy that we are able to care for you, we will welcome you into your new home. You will be shown around the home and introduced to your fellow residents. We will also spend some time with you to explain how the home works and how to ask for help if you need it.
  • Will my room be furnished and decorated?

    All our rooms are decorated, carpeted and furnished but to ensure that you feel at home, we encourage you to personalise your room with your belongings. If you would like to bring your own furniture, we will happily accommodate this.
  • Can I bring my pet with me?

    As a family, we love our pets and we understand that you do as well, so to really make a home from home we can welcome pets into the home as well. However, our homes do have their own pets as well as regular animal therapy visitors.
  • Are meals provided?

    All meals, drinks and snacks are included in the weekly cost. We have a kitchen team at each Ashmere home to ensure you are provided with healthy home cooked meals everyday. Our staff work hard to produce only the best quality home cooked meals for our residents. Everything is freshly prepared by our cooks using a four-week menu plan to ensure every mealtime is varied and enjoyable. Alternatives are always offered and any particular likes and dislikes are always taken into consideration. Vegetarian, diabetic, soft diets and other specialist diet options can be catered for. Where, when and how residents eat is very flexible and we cater for our residents wishes whenever possible. We also hold regular themed food evenings which allow residents to try something a little different and our restaurant evenings help residents to enjoy the ambiance of a meal out with family whilst staying in the home.
  • Will I have my own bathroom?

    All of our homes have en-suite rooms which is subject to availability at the time of admission. All our bathrooms, whether shared of private are fully accessible with hand rails and shower seats, as well as hoists for baths. At Heanor Park, all our rooms have private wet rooms with walk in shower.
  • Will I have a phone and television?

    We are happy for residents to have a phone and television in their room if they wish. We also have a television available in the communal lounges and if you would like to make a private call, residents are welcome to use the office phone.
  • What Dementia care do you offer?

    All our homes have specially trained staff to care for people living with dementia. At The Firs Valley Lodge and Heanor Park, we have specialist dementia households to provide a safe and secure environment for people living with all forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s and who made need a little extra support than what is offered in the residential areas of the home. These households are kept small with a maximum of twelve residents, allowing the very best care to be delivered by staff, all of whom have specialist training. We also keep the same staff in the units to ensure our residents always see a familiar face. All aspects within our dementia units are well thought out. Our continence strategy help residents to regain control by using brightly coloured doors and signs with pictures to help residents find their way. We have our menu boards with pictures of what’s on the menu today. Our clocks even have a day and night indicator to help our residents to get a good nights sleep. Memory boxes containing photos and mementos are placed next to each bedroom, helping our residents have confidence they have found their room.
  • How will I know if living at Ashmere is right for me?

    All our homes have different facilities and atmospheres, so we’d encourage you to explore all our homes before you make up your mind. Our staff are happy for you to trial the home if you wish by coming in for respite care. You will be assigned a key worker who will be able to help you settle into the home and answer any questions or worries you have.
  • What happens if i become ill?

    If it’s only minor, we’ll look after you at home. If you have to spend time in hospital, your room will be waiting for you when you’re feeling better. If we have to make plans for your long-term care we’ll do that as and when required, and consult you, your family and friends and the local health authority. Your needs are the most important thing to us.
  • Where can I find contact details?

    You’ll find all our details on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Get in touch by calling, emailing or writing to us. 01773 747 044 derbys@ashmere.co.uk Facebook - Ashmere Derbyshire