Ashmere Derbyshire welcomes back visitors to care homes

The social distancing measures have been described as one of the biggest collective sacrifices since World War 2. It is hard. It is hard for our staff, we know it is hard for you and it is especially hard for your loved ones not to be able to be with you in the usual way.

Closing our doors to visitors has been one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make and we understand the impact that this has on you and the people who live here.

We closed our doors to all visitors again on the 8th January any visitors, such as visiting health professionals, only enter the home if it is necessary and if they have followed strict infection control procedures. This includes wearing the correct personal protective equipment and of course, making sure that good hand hygiene is always followed.

The decision to re-open to visitors at Ashmere Derbyshire has been made in agreement with the Senior Management at Ashmere Derbyshire, the Public Health England Health Protection Team and the Clinical Commissioning Group. This decision is based on a risk assessment, the transmission of the virus within the community and within the home.

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